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ArtsOrb is an emerging organization

that advocates for dance artists

as they transition from early success

to more sustainable futures. 

Our artists receive

dedicated individualized support,

artistic investment

and network building.

Inaugural Artist
Robyn Mineko Williams

Artist Statement:

I think about the work I make as collages combining movement, human interaction, emotion, memory and relation to the spaces that they inhabit. I like the idea of creating temporary worlds for us, makers and audiences alike, to momentarily live in or peek into. My hope is that by stepping into and engaging with the works or performances, there will be a connection to be found or a moment of unlocking: a memory, a feeling, a sense. Whatever that means or feels like to the one engaging. I sculpt each work with a distinct point of view but like to leave space for an evolution of meaning and room to be colored in over time with different parts of ourselves and our individual experiences.

Photo by Andrew Walker

Photo by JT Williams

Photo by Ricardo E. Adame

Photo by Kathryn Staron

Inaugural Artists
Music From The Sole

Artist Statement:

As a company that is part dance company and part live music ensemble, we are interested in fully embracing tap dance's unique nature as both dance and music. In addition, we celebrate tap's Afro-Diasporic roots, particularly its lineage to African-American and Afro-Brazilian music and dance, from jazz, house, and hip hop to samba and Brazilian street funk. 


We're excited to build a company model that centers our long-term commitment to our artistic collaborators and to our community, prioritizing deep collaboration over "productivity" and quick growth. Through this we aim to contribute to opening doors for tap dance as an art form, in concert dance but also in music, theatre, and non-traditional performance spaces.

Photo by Titus Ogilvie Laing, courtesy of Works & Process at the Guggenheim

Photo by Kreshonna Keane

Photo by Marc Millman, courtesy of Harlem Stage

Photo by SaulZ

Inaugural Artists

Artist Statement:

LayeRhythm is a revolution in motion, a fusion of street dance and club culture that transcends boundaries and challenges the status quo. Rooted in the raw energy and creative brilliance of freestyle movements like house dance, Litefeet, flexn, breaking, locking, and more, our art defies conventional economic structures and hierarchical norms.

At its core, LayeRhythm is a celebration of the pulse of the city—where gritty, vibrant heartbeats foster thriving creativity and innovation. It's a homage to the dancers, musicians, emcees, and vocalists who contribute their talents with fearless authenticity, carving out their own spaces and inscribing their own stories within the cultural fabric.

Drawing inspiration from the brilliance of freestyle artists, we weave together a tapestry of movement and sound that defies categorization. Each piece is a testament to the power of improvisation and spontaneity, a reflection of the ever-evolving nature of artistic expression.

Yet, LayeRhythm transcends mere celebration of dance and music—it's a heartfelt vision for a different way of existing, a world where creativity is valued above all else and where art has the power to disrupt, dismantle, and rebuild. Through immersive and collaborative performances, our aim is to create spaces where artists are empowered to thrive, where economic barriers are met with innovative solutions, and where hierarchies are flattened.

At the heart of our artistic narrative lies a fervent conviction: live dance and music serve as powerful agents of healing, not only on a physical plane but also emotionally, traversing the boundaries of social, economic, and cultural divides. By bringing together artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, we endeavor to create a community that is inclusive, supportive, and fiercely independent.

In each show, the audience becomes an integral part of the artistic creation, transforming into our muse, their energy and participation shaping the very outcome of the experience. Our performance design is akin to a game, blurring the lines between audience and performers, inviting everyone to co-create and interact within a shared space. Through this dynamic interaction, we forge bonds and cultivate an environment of creativity and joy.

At its core, LayeRhythm is a call to action—a rallying cry for artists to embrace their agency, for institutions to question their norms, and for communities to dance their way towards a future imbued with greater equity and understanding, fostering an ecosystem where performers, presenters, and audiences collaborate in co-creating transformative experiences.

Photo by Lauriane Ogay, courtesy of Nublu

Photo by Lauriane Ogay, courtesy of SummerStage

Photo by Lauriane Ogay, courtesy of Lincoln Center

Photo by Still1, courtesy of 92NY

ArtsOrb's Founding Director

My name is Taryn Kaschock Russell

I have been building towards ArtsOrb in one way or another for fifteen years.

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to commission new work from dance makers at every stage of their careers. As the Director of Hubbard Street 2, I had the privilege of bringing in emerging choreographers to create pieces for a professional company, and as interim Director of Dance at Juilliard I worked with artists to create a program for New Dances. At Harkness Dance Center at 92NY, I spearheaded an initiative which brought a dance series back to the historic Kaufmann Concert Hall after a 50-year absence.


While championing these exciting, diverse and visionary dance artists, it became clear that for even established choreographers to be considered by presenters beyond their Harkness debut, they had a nearly impossible battle regarding: 


Time, Space, and Money  


Called to action by this need, I decided to fully dedicate my time and energies to the development of ArtsOrb. During our pilot year, working with artists and partners from across sectors of the performance world, ArtsOrb will build a network of organizations, residencies, and creative stakeholders to support a cohort of artists / arts collectives.


This network is the orb: facilitating and supporting the production of new work.

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Identify performing artists and companies who possess great promise and talent

but have not yet reached a point of sustainability and

invest in the creation of their art.

Reach out locally and nationally to arts stakeholders,

brokering creative and production residencies while spearheading conversations

and generating interest with presenting organizations and supporters.

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